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The Right Fit:  Join an exclusive group of professionals in the fields of law, IT, consulting, and finance.  The building layout, lease terms, and work atmosphere are specifically tailored to small businesses and sole practitioners.  1724 Twenty hosts a total of 10 office suites, all with modern open floor plans, ranging from 1-4 person offices.

Autonomy:  Your own company’s exterior signage as well as an electronic intercom entry system to welcome clients gives you a distinct corporate identity.  The space is not anonymous like executive office suites or overshadowed as when sharing space with a larger tenant.  Moreover, with a direct lease you are not beholden to the primary lease holder.  Work in a space that allows you to define your company’s presence.

Convenience:  The office space is turn-key with CAT-6 wiring, cable, Internet, and telephone services readily available.  Pay all your bills with one check and focus on your core business, not the operation of your office space.  In addition, the sophisticated high-tech conference room and multiple building amenities containing over 1500sf of common space reduce your out-of-pocket capital expenditures and overhead. 

Flexibility:  Sometimes business plans change abruptly which is why subletting clauses and relatively short commercial lease terms are well-suited to small businesses and sole practitioners.  You are also welcome to relocated within the 10 office suites or acquire more office space within the lease period as your business space needs change. 

Style:  Distinctively boutique because of the high quality finishes, aesthetic appeal, and timeless historic character.  Work in a space that inspires.